Graphic Design in Photoshop

Postcards, slicks, brochures, posters and catalogs, I design them all in Photoshop. I used to design everything in Quark Express, now I only do it in Photoshop. Besides the control that I have in Photoshop, there is nothing better then giving a high resolution Photoshop tiff to a printer. With programs like Quark Express you have to supply your printer with the fonts used in your design.
Sometimes even when everyone has the same fonts, things can shift. All it takes is for one word to shift from one line to another and that can throw off everything. So by giving your printer a 300 rez tiff your assured that nothing will shift and you'll get exactly what you wanted. Also many printers these days only want a Photoshop tiff from you, especially ones that gang run many jobs at the same time.
With these type of printers you'll get the best prices, which means you'll be able to give your customers the best deal in town. This will ensure that you'll get more jobs from your customers.

Photoshop Designing

In the book Industrial Product Photography we will show you how to size your job.  Figure out bleeds, how to use CMYK color and Patone colors.  How to setup the job in Photoshop, create your layers and what is the best file format to output the final tiff before heading to the printer.

DOWNLOAD the FREE layout sizing chart. You get a job, it's a magazine ad and it's 4 5/16 x 3 3/8 in size.  But in Photoshop and most other layout programs you have to enter the size as 4.3125 x 3.375, this chart will help you do the conversion.
Add an extra string to your bow, start using photoshop to create postcards, slicks, brochures, posters, catalogs and tradeshow exhibits for your customers as well as shooting your product photography.  Industrial product photography
will show you how to setup the job and get it printed.  You can double or triple your income by adding this to your photographic skills, I do..

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