One light shooting

Using one hot light for product photography

1000 watt Lowel DP hot light

My high tech ceiling reflector in my office, you may have one and didn't know it

Before, sitting on copy paper box as a stand

Finished, with background removed

Before, with paper reflectors

Finished, with background removed

You'll learn several different techniques in my book about Industrial Product
Photography.  With many of these techniques you'll be able to mix and match them to get the perfect shot.
One of the things that I wanted to point out is that while having lots of lighting equipment is great, it's amazing what you can do with just one (1) hot light bounced off the ceiling.  In my office I have a drop ceiling and many times I'll bounce a light off of it at a 45 degree angle.  It gives a perfectly diffused soft light and with a white paper reflector or two on either side of the product you'll be shocked how great the lighting looks.
The great thing about shooting with a
hot light is that what you see is what you get.  You'll be able to look through the lens at the product.  Then as you add paper reflectors to either side you'll see the shot slowly come together.
All the shots on this page were shot this way, all with a single hot light bounced off the ceiling in my office.  Want to learn more
get my book and start making money shooting Industrial Product Photography.

What you see is what you get, there's a lot of advantages with shooting with hot lights.  If you can get away with shooting with just one hot light, it's even better.  This page is just to show you that you can get great product photographs with just one simple hot light.  How easy and inexpensive is that!!

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