Contact and About me.

Contact and About me.

Hello, my name is Stephen Spreadbury. In 1985, I worked for Westinghouse Corporation in Florida shooting industrial videos. One day my boss came to me and said "Steve, we're paying a still photographer $150.00 an hour to fly down from Pittsburgh to shoot our equipment. You have a camera, you do it." I broke out my 35mm Canon, purchased a few strobes and set out to learn how to light and shoot industrial products.

Within a year I was shooting with a Mamiya 645 Super and a Cambo 4 x 5. In 1995 I discovered Photoshop and it opened up a whole new post production world for me. It was wonderful to be able to remove backgrounds, clean up products and combine images. In 1996 I added commercial photography to my portfolio and around 2002 I switched over to digital cameras and have never looked back.

I believe there's no larger market for a professional photographer then in the industrial and commercial product photography field. Consider all of the industrial parks in your city, many of these with companies developing and assembling new products everyday. All of this equipment needs to be shot for brochures, slicks, catalogs, web sites and tradeshow exhibits.  Isn't it time for you to start making a great living as a photographer.

At present I spend most of my time shooting for the medication technologies industry and believe me that's a recession proof industry.

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