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Always in demand, become a high paying Product Photographer.  I'll show you what equipment you'll need, how to setup and get the shot, and the best ways to market and sell yourself.
Always In demand, start making money shooting industrial
product photography. If you want to start making great money
as a professional photographer, then shooting product
photography is the way to go. It's lucrative, consistent and
always in demand, making money as a product photographer
has never paid so much.

From iphones and ipads to cars, planes and furniture, all
commercial and industrial products need to be photographed.
There is no larger market for a photographer then the product
photography field. Take a drive through an industrial park in
your city, many of these companies are developing and
assembling new products everyday. All of these products
need to be shot for brochures, slicks, catalogs, web sites
and tradeshow exhibits. Not only that, but these products are
being designed and assembled, redesigned and reassembled
on a regular basis and they'll call YOU back every time.

If you have no idea how to light and shoot industrial or commercial products then this book is for you. You won't need the largest mega pixel camera or tons of lighting equipment either. Yes, I know it's not as glamorous as shooting models in bikinis, but it will pay the bills while you're waiting for that bikini shoot.

I've been shooting commercial and industrial products since 1985, from film to digital. Customers like Westinghouse, Radisson and Marriot hotels, Checkers restaurants, Archway Cookies and many more. Over 90% of my shoots are on location, so you won't need a studio to worry about. I'll also show you my equipment, how to setup the shot, light it and do the Photoshop work. Learn the skills in this book and you'll be able to shoot any product out there. From production to marketing, this 75 page book has over 130 photos, drawings and screen captures to help turn you into a product photography shooting pro.
"I've shot a lot of commercial photography over the years, lots of wrestlers like Hogan and Savage and many models for calendars and catalogs. But nothing has consistantly paid the bills like product photography, YES you can make money with photography."   

Ten product photography shoots from beginning to end, covering the shoot, lighting, setup and all the
Photoshop work.

Shooting and combining eight separate images in Photoshop to create one of the most perfectly lit
images that you’ll ever see.

Even if you have a low megabyte camera, you’ll be able to shoot images that are two to three times
larger then you normally can. After shooting with a 4 x 5 film camera for 20 years, my first digital
camera was a Canon 6 mp Digital Rebel and I did some of my best work with it.

How to light stainless steel and chrome. How to setup an image to print as a 3D lenticular postcard.

My camera and lighting equipment, (Canons or Nikons work great).

Using paths in Photoshop to remove backgrounds perfectly.

How to setup and design press print jobs in Photoshop.

How to use lens flares for effect.

How to market your new product photography business and why there is a growing market for you.

What not to say to your client during your first meeting and when to give them your quote.

Creating your first product portfolio and web site. My favorite resources for photography equipment,
printers (press) and my web design software and hosting.

Shooting table top and large products.

Creating the illusion of a cut away to expose hidden components in your customer’s equipment.

Self-promotion, pricing and much more.

Shooting and inserting the perfect computer monitor graphics

Shooting white paper without loosing detail

How creating concept shots can really add to your portfolio

Micro Brewery Shot – How to light stainless steel, shoot it and the before and after the Photoshop work.
I shoot mostly on location, so I'll show you the equipment that I use.

Lighting diagrams for each shot.

Q. Don't you need to be a pro to do work like this?
A. We didn't all start out as pros. These are skills that you can learn. I had to learn them on the job. You
have the advantage of learning from my 20+ years of experience. These are skills that any
beginner can learn.

Q. Don't I need a lot of expensive equipment to get into this busness?
A. No, you can easily start off with a Canon Digital Rebel or a Nikon D60. You can buy used strobes,
light stands and light modifyers cheaply on Ebay or Amazon.

Q. Do I need Photoshop?
A. I didn't have Photoshop for the first 10 years of my career.  But life has been a lot easier and much more productive with it.

Q. How do I start out marketing myself?
A. This is covered in the book. How to put together your first portfolio, your website and also marketing yourself.

Q. How do I know how much to charge my customers?
A. We'll go over how much to charge and how to talk to your client. What you should say and more importantly
what not to say.

Q. Don't I need a studio to do this type of work?
A. No, not at all. Except for shooting some small products in the studio, all of my shoots are on location.
Your customers will want you to come to their location to shoot their products. Many times these products
are large and there's no way to transport them to a studio.

Your web site and it's importance.

Slicks, brochures, postcards and business cards, learn how to setup, design and print any 4 color press job for your customer.  You can do it all from within Photoshop and I'll show you how, step by step. You'll make a lot more money for yourself by doing it yourself, it's really not that hard!

Get the Book. 
Instant Downloadable PDF   $29.95 

DOWNLOAD the FREE layout sizing chart. You get a job, it's a magazine ad and it's 4 5/16 x 3 3/8 in size.  But in Photoshop and most other layout programs you have to enter the size as 4.3125 x 3.375, this chart will help you do the conversion.

If you learn just one new technique, won't 
it will be worth the price of this book.

If you learn just one new technique, won't  
it will be worth the price of this book.

Always In Demand, Start Making Money Shooting Product Photography
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The skills that you'll learn from Industrial Product Photography aren't only used for shooting industrial products. You'll be able to use those skills to shoot 
products like cars, boats and buses even hotels and resorts and I've shot them all using what I've learned as an industrial product photographer. 

Get the Book. 
PDF   $29.95 

Be as creative as you want to be.

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